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Are you larger than you want to be? Are you ready to change that?  There are many new ways to control your weight and size.I hope you find some of them here...!!! up to lighten up !!!
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    It is not often easy to find a perfectly unbiased second opinion, and professional ethics teaches us in the crisis intervention field that it's mandatory in surprisingly more and more cases.
Never take the word of only one source of diagnostic recourse or remedy;Why??? Look here and find out!!!!!
All-natural cures are the least likely to have the side
effects that are attributed to the use of chemical compounds. 
Learning to heal by the use of non-intrusive,organic methods is both enlightening and totally fulfilling to the
body and soul !!!
Methods such as aromatherapy,naturopathy,herbal and natural medicines,acupuncture,and acupressure are amongst the many options for health care and remedial treatments available in these times.Actually the list of alternative therapies grows larger every day... 
One thesaurus definition of the word enlightenment is:
Enlightenment ;
education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge.
Knowledge Is Power,and in order to empower oneself,it is recommended that one acquire knowledge from legitimate sources.If you have asked for a cure in your prayers,and you believe that you will find one,
I hope you will find it,here;at C.C.C.I.Inc.
Although most modern practitioners of medicine,realize the ultimate requirements of self healing and the prevention of disease;
many still advocate the use of dangerous and untrustworthy drugs that are allowed to be advertised and sold on the open market and/or made available by prescription.
There-fore,I would like to make the distinction here on my site,that I don't advocate the use of drugs for any reason what-so-ever,especially where organic,pure forms of natural medicine are available.
I would also like to make the distinction clear that information found on this site by use of any search phrase offered here,on any search engine,does not necessarily reflect the views of C.C.C.I.Inc.and this is my published disclaimer of such.
I do the most that I can do to test & research all links that I publish for remedial or intervention purposes and cannot guarantee results for the individual.
My preferred capacity,as a counseling Minister,is to refer people to sources of education and knowledge,and that is the primary purpose intended by the creation and publishing of this web-site.
If you are presently under the care of a licensed physician or psychiatric care provider,it is recommended that you inform them of your choices of self medication therapy,as it may interfere or have adverse reactions if taken in conjunction with some raw forms of herbal medicines.
That being said;
Happy Browsing!!!!
 May your experience here at C.C.C.I.Inc.'s 2010 info-site prove both enlightening and productive.
Sincerely,Reverend M.Krawicz
Founder,Site creator,Editor,
Confidential Crisis Council International Inc.
I found this web-site very informative in the definitional sense,Although Not so informative in the remedial areas,since new age cures and Natural remedies are always developing as well as dietary disciplines ,so it is best to search through a few of these phrases and see the whole picture,on the World Wide Web...!!!   (Reverend K.)

 These definitions came from the link above....
Question;What different types of eating disorders are there? Give me information on different kinds of eating disorders.
The official medical definition of eating disorders describes the following three types of eating disorders:
Bulimia Nervosa;
At first you eat quickly and excessively.This is followed by vomiting,fasting, exercise,laxatives or medicine in order to avoid an increase in weight. More.
Anorexia Nervosa;
You don't eat enough to maintain your normal weight. You are very afraid of becoming fat and have false ideas about your weight and figure. More.
Binge Eating;
You eat too much in periods as a consequence of a craving for food which exceeds your real nutritional needs. More.
In addition to this, there are also people who do not exactly fit into the three categories above, but who nevertheless exhibit eating disturbances. Typical examples of such cases are:
Partial Syndrome;
You limit your intake of food and are preoccupied with your weight, you swing between frenzied eating and vomiting, and have other eating disorders symptoms, but still do not meet the full diagnostic criteria for full-blown eating disorders.

Obsessive Dieters or "weight-preoccupied" individuals;
You think a lot about your weight and figure but not so much that you belong to the "Partial Syndrome" group.

Obese individuals with eating disorders;
You eat more than you need and allow your weight to become too high for good health. Overweight can have other causes than eating disorders and can be caused by an eating disorder if there are psychological reasons for eating more than the body needs, such as when negative emotions (anger, boredom, disappointment, etc.) cause an abnormal craving for food.
Non-classifiable Disturbances;
Your answer to the eating disorder test may indicate the presence of an eating disorder without any real problem with your weight, figure or eating. There are those who compulsively take laxatives to reduce weight but do not regularly eat compulsively. There are women who are very underweight but still have menstruation. A person who does not fulfill the formal definition of eating disorders may nevertheless have a serious eating disorder.

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