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Where Service to Humanity is a Privilege,not just a Profession
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Resource Management Page
 My Companion,the Tazzman, and I
 First,let me tell you what 'resource management' means to me.For me,the concept of collecting and managing funding for charitable purposes is the greatest,and most sensitively balanced responsibility that my ministry has ever taken on.
We all know,that when someone chooses a trustworthy charity to place funds in trust for,that they really want to know where their efforts are being focused and maintain a comprehensive profile of every project or outreach effort that they contribute to.
Please feel free to call or E-mail my office with your contact information of preference,and I will respond as soon as possible to further reveal the ministry's directives as I see possible,according to the visions I have and the assistance requests I have already received here.
Call 304-627-1558...or 304-207-6114 (MOBILE)
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Your help is needed.....
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Make a REAL Difference Today..!!!.
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 Bringing the World of Real Crisis Intervention
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If You have Questions regarding this site,our outreach programing plans,
Or need assistance finding something;
Do not hesitate to contact me at the number below,
11am-5pm Monday-Friday (EST)
Please remember,that I also offer 1 on 1 referral counseling,
100% free of charge...!!!
Thank you sincerely,
Reverend M. Krawicz,
Founder,Site creator,Editor,
Confidential Crisis Council International @
304-627-1558 Main office
Eastern Standard Time,USA
"And we know that all things work for good to those who love God and for them who are called according to His purpose"
Romans 8:28
Confidential Crisis Council International
Bringing the World Of Crisis Intervention to YOUR Fingertips  !!!
we bring you the world at .ccci
All charitable donations here help cover our costs,put an end to someone's pain and suffering,help educate or save a child or a senior citizen,can find a home for victims of circumstance,can save an animal's life,can help provide emergency money,food,shelter,
medical attention and disaster relief for hundreds,or perhaps thousands of victims of environmental crisis or domestic and civil unrest....
  The web-site here,represents the world's increasing requirements for simple,free access to resources,emergency or otherwise,and those of us who work in the immeasurably vast fields of serious crisis intervention,We at C.C.C.I.ask you to support the International Community's always changing requirements,by giving generously to causes that reduce the amount of human suffering on the planet,
SO......Represent the basic human right to Access the Truth and to Enjoy Good Health and Well Being,
WHY..??? Because....
 You have a Right,and an Obligation to Make that Difference...
Make it Here!!!
at C.C.C.I.!!! 
Be a true lifesaver!!! 
Help provide instant emergency and non-emergency prevention or intervention information,to anyone and everyone all around the world in any crisis,anywhere,anytime,on any web-connected device !!!
Or call; 304-627-1558 11am-5pm (EST) U.S.A.
Thank You,Sincerely From All Of Us Here,At
The Confidential Crisis Council International
" Where Service to Humanity is a Privilege,not just a Profession."
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