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You are in Index 4,Financial and Legal Crisis
Prison Reform Crisis Page
If you are an American taxpayer and have an interest in knowing what your tax money goes for,than you may want to pay attention to this page.
Our United States prisons are just as much in need of reform as any on the planet.
It Is A Crisis ....A very real one, that documented research shows, to be a factor in
"repeat offender-ism",and a lethal and tragic social poison that is affecting the lives of thousands,actually millions,daily,monthly,yearly and is in some states,and countries,is
making a tremendous profit doing so.
Without systems that allow the programs that make rehabilitation,and follow-up the primary focus,we are potentially creating new and more dangerous criminals.
As long as sentencing courts are allowed to sentence individuals based on false information with little or no oversight of the means that they are using to do so,or the long term effects on the individual,our rehabilitation systems will fail to do what they are designed to do; and that is rehabilitate,educate and correct the behavior and motivations of the individuals that the judiciary system claims to have a legitimate interest in.
(View and sign a petition for required accuracy of NCIC record databases !!! Very good reading!!! )
Punishment versus Rehabilitation
Not every offender in the world is a criminal.In fact a surprisingly small amount of individuals,(by comparison to the overall traffic in our systems),that enter the correctional system ever intended to break the law in the first place,many are driven by circumstance,peer pressure,financial stress,substance addiction,social prejudice or simply poor choices of association.
Others,a growing number in fact,become victims of political and social factors that allow judges and prosecutors to charge,try and convict individuals based on their ability or inability to obtain effective and unbiased counsel.
The criminalization of self medication is a large factor in the caseload per capita,per year,per literally millions of cases that pass through our court systems. 
Ask anyone who works in a correctional institution what percentage of long term inmates ever consider making crime a way of life.In the war on crime and terrorism,there is no dispute that certain individuals need not be allowed to continue to assault human society with violent and destructive modes of behavior,and these are indeed candidates for long term sentences that produce long term results;in the prison industries,there are actually millions of dollars in revenue that can be documented as being reasons that the system works to the "good of the overall picture".
However,there are also literally millions of cases that are either tangled up in appellate proceedings that can take years to adjudicate,or never will be brought before review simply because we don't implement federally placed standards of oversight and correctional review that mandate such.
Review which is a Constitutional Right by the very words EQUAL and FAIR treatment under the laws of this great country.
Equal meaning regardless of the individuals ability or inability to afford outside counsel while incarcerated.
And Fair,meaning that a person without an extensive education in law should not become victimized due to a lack of interest,and jurisprudence that the taxpayers in general,that You and I, ....exhibit to facilitate our political or social buoyancy or equilibrium,Lets face it....Some people,,,NOT ALL ,THANK GOD,,,, make choices that effect the lives of countless individuals,based on popularity and political pressure.
Not only does it cause overcrowding issues,economic strain issues in state budgets,increased crime levels,and undue strain on the families and employees or employers of illegally incarcerated people,But it simply isn't what the judiciary was created for,from the inception of it.
The first courts of record were,as history shows us,created in Egypt.In order to record issues of property and adjudicate offenders and social issues alike,
Judges were APPOINTED,such as in commonwealth states,here in the United States
They were not voted in by local popularity or political partisanship...politics and judiciary process rarely mix without due consequences.
None the less,,,Statutory Due Process of Law, is an inalienable constitutional right in this country ,and it is the responsibility of all who work in the process to see to it that these rights are paramount in all judicial applications.
This is the beginning of where,we as a people,begin to either lose sight,or gain perspective of what the actual meaning of the word justice is.
Because statutory law is a very "cut and dry" process,in it's pure form,the only inconsistencies in it that make responsible and comprehensive,oversight both necessary and vital to the whole of humanity,are in fact the elements of human error,that come into play when religion,politics or money play a role in determining the outcome of any judiciary application.
But this page is primarily focused on Prison Reform and the Resources available to all who are allowed to use the internet,which by the way,is not allowed in most correctional institutions in this country,which is a detriment to the system and only enhances overcrowding and impedes individual research,education and application of constitutional law.
We as a people need prison upgrades that don't become a nightmare for the rest of humanity to cope with.
State of the art prison systems are run efficiently and within a budget that provide for cost and offer ample follow-up programs that put rehabilitation first.
" Where Service to Humanity is a Privilege,not just a Profession."
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