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Editor's Note...
Dear visitors,patrons and regular users of our site,
Every year I update this site .I add links that are contributed,and remove links that are outdated. At this time you will see all of C.C.C.I.'s "Blue search phrases" will change the date at the beginning of the search phrase itself
For instance,2010 findings for online crisis counseling websites,will be upgraded to;2015,16,17,etc. findings for online crisis counseling websites.
You may desire to modify your own usage of all search phrases found on this site yourself also,after you load the phrase to the browser of your choice...!!!
And the really good part ??? These phrases will always produce the same type of results,only the date (as in 2010-2011) will produce the current year's results...!!!
This will always change every year,at the site here, and I sincerely hope you see that the new results,updated as this method presents itself,produce very satisfying results...!!!
New links will be added,but keep in mind that all of our "C.C.C.I.contributed links" are links that will remain the same and are fairly consistent throughout the site,having been tested for authenticity .
Most all links,if they change addresses,on the World Wide Web, will tell you where to find them,but if you do find a "dead" link on the site, we ask that you to report this to us,so we can update.
You may report a "dead" link (here)
We at C.C.C.I.Sincerely thank you all for your patience,visits and your interest.
Happy Browsing...!!!
 Here's a thought on Compassion....
 The word compassion is comprised of two Latin words, "Cum" (pronounced koom) and "Pati" which combined,mean "to suffer together with."
 "To suffer together with another person means to be there,in whatever way possible,to share the circumstances of another persons life as much as possible,not add to the world's pool of suffering,but to gain intimate understanding of of what the other requires,"Quaker author Parker Palmer wrote in "The Active Life."
You don't have to be a physician,or a police officer to gain that sort understanding.
You just have to care.
Help us care this year at C.C.C.I.
Call this number to Donate,& keep this website open.
Help us extend services,to those who have come to us with requests.
All of C.C.C.I.funding this year,will go to individual outreach projects and educational assistance,for students overseas desiring to complete their education,here in the USA.
 304-627-1558 Office
Monday -Friday 11 am-5 pm (EST)
Make a difference and keep information search assistance
 100% free for everyone.
I may be E-mailed @
Reverend M.Krawicz,
Confidential Crisis Council International
C.C.C.I.'s Outreach Ministry Fund
Is in need of contributions...!!!
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 Oh Yes...About the Rainbows,,,
"And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven,clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow upon his head,and his face as it were the sun,and his feet as pillars of fire:" (Revelation 10:1).
 " I believe that the rainbow is an omen of God's covenant
with all humanity,and it represents a promise that is kept,and a miracle that is ours when we seek first the Kingdom of God and all Righteousness Therein,
so join us here at C.C.C.I."
Where Knowledge is Power,And WE Empower Ourselves !!!
Thank you sincerely,
Reverend M.Krawicz
Licensed Minister since 1983
C.E.O.,Founder,Site Creator,& Editor,
Confidential Crisis Council International
The C.C.C.I.Goal:
To provide accurate crisis intervention
search phraseology assistance and immediately available,
tested links to websites,
That Save Lives
24 hours a day/7days a week.
100% FREE  !!!
on any web connected device!!!
On your telephone,your,notebook,laptop,or desktop,
you can use this site to find;
Emergency Response & 24 hour Hot-lines in any crisis,Suicide Prevention Counseling,Personal help,Financial Assistance,Homeless Assistance,Food Banks,Legal Help,Domestic Crisis Intervention,Addiction Intervention,Criminal Assistance Agencies,Terrorist Reporting Agencies,Weather Disaster,Earthquake,Flood,Tsunami,Tornado,Forest Fire Evacuation And Rescue Assistance,Missing Persons Assistance,Veterans Assistance,Social Services,Natural Alternative Healing,Animal and Pet Care Assistance,Child Welfare,Help for Senior Citizens,Disabled Assistance,Mental Hygiene Assistance, Pregnancy Assistance,Educational Resources,24/7 Emergency Assistance Interactive Websites....
and most all of these services are 100% FREE...!!!
People use this site all over the planet...!!!
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About The Site...
The website is dedicated to the millions of people,who work around the clock serving humanity,saving lives,often sacrificing their own lives in the course of their unselfish commitment and diligence,as well as the thousands of people it reaches....
and of course,
The basic human right to seek the truth and find it.
John 8:32 
 "And ye shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free."
 Completely web-based;
Confidential Crisis Council International info-site services are exactly that.
Produced in my personal design studio,and hosted by Vistaprint hosting services.
All editing is managed by me personally,and this will not ever change to assure quality representation of the millions of service providers that C.C.C.I.furnishes links to and for.Use our search phrases on your favorite engines......
Any search engine you prefer,
will produce results with this phraseology assistance service !!!
(I prefer Google)...So,Go with C.C.C.I. 'Blue Search' phrases !!!!
  The website offers a countless variety of realistic means to assist you in focusing your search for resources,and self empowerment,so that you will experience the inner fulfillment that comes from finding updated answers,alternative healing services,and new age remedies 
That Really Make Sense !!!
WHY ???
  Hopefully,the site will inspire you to do exactly that......
Stay on-line and be prepared to make a difference...!!!!
This is how the site works...
New Visitors..................from the World Wide Web ???
Your Answer may be just 2 clicks away.You may use or modify our search phrases,or any of the contributed links which are below the blue search phrase section....
When search engines bring you directly to one of C.C.C.I.'s
140+ growing pages on the website,Via Keywords
 *Click 1;Using the browser of your preference;from one,or more,
 of C.C.C.I.'s free,tested,suggested 'Blue Search' Phrases,
or scroll down and check out our contributed,direct links to services available everywhere around the planet...!!!
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Enhance our search phrases to fit your needs...!!!
    I heartily encourage All C.C.C.I.'s first time visitors,and site users;to surf ALL 5 indexes here,
and broaden your horizons of what truly is available
in the world of real crisis intervention,prevention and most of all;
Snapshot of me 4

About Me....I am Reverend Mark Krawicz....
    I am an internet based, Private Referral Counselor,
Being a crisis counselor,a resource provider,and a true friend to all,is a challenging occupation,and requires research and judgment skills that carry a tremendous amount of responsibility. 
Creating this site has made my job considerably easier,
and I am privileged to do continue exactly that;
Provide Resources.
 I offer private,confidential referral counseling services,
and 1-0n-1 audio/video sessions on line;by appointment only;
Please click (here) to make an appointment now,or call me @
Monday-Friday From 11 am-5 pm ( E.S.T.)
  I was born in 1956,in Melbourne,Florida;First born son of Andrew M.Krawic(z) (June 9,1928-June 24,2006) and of Mary Jean Immel Krawic(z)December 8,1930-February 23,2017 
   I was baptized in the Catholic church,thanks to my parents,and served as an altar boy,Was a star scout in the Boy Scouts of America,Sat first chair in the clarinet section in junior high school,a downhill slalom racer in high school,and at 50 miles an hour,on a racing bicycle,my dreams of doing a lot of things,that most people do at that age,became somewhat of a mystery to me...I suffer from injuries that never were treated as they could be now-a days....So I still have some physical disabilities....
   I have studied all of the world's religions,and determined that all true paths lead to enlightenment.The practice of Universal Non-denominational Ministry,Since 1983,has taken me on pathways that could fill volumes,as I am sure every one my friends in the field(s) can so attest.
         I personally,have always been a follower of God's Word & the teachings of Christ to the best of my abilities,in all things.  
 Since I was 21,I have worked painting signs,creating designs for business,writing music,and counseling people who were in need of assistance,finding answers,help for crisis,legal and spiritual guidance,and provided resources for better & more productive living in an wide array of environments.
I have created 4 art studios,taught stained glass and ceramics and play,flute,guitar,clarinet and piano,percussion,dulcimer and recorder.I have written over 1,900 songs in the 45 years I have played guitar.
The opportunity to share the Ministry of God's Word has dominated every aspect of every adventure,mission,and endeavor in my life,and I thank the our Creator every day for another opportunity to share the Word of Christ with everyone I meet;no matter what the circumstance and without prejudice. Professional referral counseling for personal crisis intervention,substance abuse,
domestic abuse & suicide prevention,is what I specialize in. I am willing to investigate crisis situations,and will only do so after a proper screening of each applicants request,and a formal release of liability where necessary.. 
   I am a licensed minister (since 1983) and do perform all requested services of the profession. 
 This info-site is a 100% free service for search reference assistance in times of serious crisis,environmental emergency,legal & financial issues and personal health interests,as well as educational resources.
 There are no mailing lists,no tracking cookies,no advertising,no distractions,only hundreds of search phrases & contributed links that lead to millions of self help remedy sites,alternative healing sites,financial aid sites,emergency intervention services and disaster preparedness/response websites. 
With 150 (+ growing) pages of topics that are always expanding !!!
Happy Browsing.!!!

Call me at 304-627-1558
11:00-5:00 Monday -Friday Or/click below,
for 1-on-1 audio/video,if I am online I will answer the call,but I prefer that you make an appointment,first.
  So...Do YOU want to help us make a difference  ???
This Info-site is reaching out to every city,every region,in every country in the world that the Internet touches !!!
With thousands of visitors from all over the planet,
(just (Click Here)for the site activity page)
Here,is a way to prove that You,,,, 
Unconditionally Love Humanity enough to help people have access to the web with the correct search phraseology that produces the best results !!!
Help keep this site on the web...!!!
Our 4 year anniversary was December/25/2013...!!!. Since the website opened in 2008, over 91,000 visits to our pages have come from every country in the world this website reaches....!!!
In every language,People from all over the planet,come back to this service to find the right search phrases that bring the right results..!!!!

This project can only bring relief to as many as those who visit and share it with others.
So ,Tell Your Friends,relatives and neighbors about it:add it to your bookmarks and favorites,it is a priceless resource and gift to share with anyone,anywhere,anytime...!!!


If you wish to donate to this project,and desire
to review our plans and company policies,
Visit our C.C.C.I.Resource Management Page,(click here)
Please Remember:
All charitable donations help put an end to someone's pain and suffering,help educate a student,save a child or a senior citizen's life,find a home for victims of tragic circumstance,save an abused or abandoned animal's life,help provide emergency money,food,shelter,medical attention and disaster relief
for hundreds,perhaps thousands,of victims of environmental crisis or domestic and civil unrest......
So Be a Lifesaver  !!!
Call Me at 304-627-1558 Today !!!

" Where Service to Humanity is a Privilege,not just a Profession."
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