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Dear visitors,patrons and regular users of our site,
Every year I update this site .I add links that are contributed,and remove links that are outdated. At this time you will see all of C.C.C.I.'s "Blue search phrases" will change the date at the beginning of the search phrase itself
For instance,2010 findings for online crisis counseling websites,will be upgraded to;2011,12,13,ect. findings for online crisis counseling websites.
You may desire to modify your own usage of all search phrases found on this site yourself also,after you load the phrase to the browser of your choice...!!!
And the really good part ??? These phrases will always produce the same type of results,only the date (as in 2010-2011-2012-2013 ect.) will produce the current year's results...!!!
This will always change every year,at the site here, and I sincerely hope you see that the new results,updated as this method presents itself,produce very satisfying results...!!!
New links will be added,but keep in mind that all of our "C.C.C.I.contributed links" are links that will remain the same and are fairly consistent throughout the site,having been tested for authenticity .
Most all links,if they change addresses,on the World Wide Web, will tell you where to find them,but if you do find a "dead" link on the site, we ask that you to report this to us,so we can update.
You may report a "dead" link (here)
We at C.C.C.I.Sincerely thank you all for your patience,visits and your interest.
Happy Browsing
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