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Where Service to Humanity is a Privilege,not just a Profession
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  The website offers a countless variety of realistic means to assist you in focusing your search for resources,and self empowerment,so that you will experience the inner fulfillment that comes from finding updated answers,alternative healing services,
and new age remedies,anonymously and discreetly,that we know
Really Make Sense !!!
Use the browser of your preference..
.(I suggest Google Search.!!!)  
You highlight a "Blue search phrase",and search,from the comfort of your home,at work,or on your mobile,without having to register an email address.No signing in,No waiting rooms,no appointments,,
We offer tested,currently active links,for services or medicines that you can provide,or have delivered to your home......
it is as simple as that.
You will never be put on any mailing lists,nor will your identity ever be disclosed to be sold to advertisers.
All of this,is now,and always has been,100% FREE...!!!
Right here at WWW.CCCINTL.NET
Why should it be so difficult to find self-help options,all natural cures,and quality,fair priced, remedial environmental and health crisis intervention...???
We don't do this for profit.This site has been 100% FREE to use since it's creation.
It is our commitment,that search phraseology assistance and emergency links should always be free to access, in multiple languages,compatible with all levels of education and experience.
We thank you for your interest and visits....
If you wish to contribute links Email Me....!!!  
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You may freely use,without restriction or price,any and all,
of C.C.C.I.'s "Blue search" phrases...
Modify them as you like.....!!!
Hundreds,Thousands,and Millions of updated, 
Quality Results,EVERY TIME !!!
Also,we provide DIRECT LINKS  to ;
Emergency Response & 24 hour Hot-lines in any crisis,Suicide Prevention Counseling,Personal help,Financial Assistance,Homeless Assistance,Food Banks,Legal Help,Domestic Crisis Intervention,Addiction Intervention,Criminal Assistance Agencies,Terrorist Reporting Agencies,Weather Disaster,Earthquake,Flood,Tsunami,Tornado,Forest Fire Evacuation And Rescue Assistance,Missing Persons Assistance,Veterans Assistance,Social Services,Natural Alternative Healing,Animal and Pet Care Assistance,Child Welfare,Help for Senior Citizens,Disabled Assistance,Mental Hygiene Assistance,Pregnancy Assistance,Educational Resources,& 24/7 Emergency Assistance Interactive Websites....

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Please,show how much YOU care to help, by giving generously to provide funding for our Site maintenance and outreach programs here;
 Confidential Crisis Council International.. Email me @  
 304-627-1558       11;00 am-5:00 pm Monday - Friday EST.
You may make an appointment for referral advisement or contribution details at the telephone number listed above.
We provide options.We provide knowledge.We make it possible to find a second opinion,an alternative cure,and A WAY OUT, of limited thinking,in the fields of intervention,prevention,personal health care,and education for the future.
Thank you all,for your visits and your interest.
Sincerely,Reverend M.Krawicz
Confidential Crisis Council International

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Where Service to Humanity is a Privilege,not just a Profession
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