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Everyone knows that your credit score can be slandered by anyone who claims you owe money to them;even if you don't owe money.
Banks can do it,creditors can do it,even bill collectors can do it,and unless they have proof,these are nothing more than criminals in the business of slandering,ruining and otherwise making your financial world a mindless hell.
"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor".
(Exodus 20:16).
They can call you at all hours of the day or night,put you on blacklists,and keep you from opening a bank account,they can prevent you from getting a loan or establishing business credit,and in some cases even prevent you from obtaining employment !!!; and simply because not enough people have voted for changes in legislation that would make it illegal to do this unless proof;as in legal proof,actually exists on record in a court of law,by a judges decree,that you do indeed owe money,which at that time would make it legal to publicly display or disclose otherwise their claims against you.
Disclosure laws regarding personal credit information,may not change,anytime soon,but making false claims or publishing ambiguous information,that results in harm to one's life or business is against the laws we already have in place.
Usually this type of false reporting results in many things you suddenly can't sleep without turning your phone off....
Complaints registered to theFederal Trade Commissioncan make a difference if you have been hounded by bill collection agencies and have made the proper gestures to resolve your debts.
Their telephone number is 888-382-1222
Now if your credit is not good for legitimate reasons,or you have been the victim of unfortunate circumstances...there is a lot you still can't do without some realistic assistance..."Second Chance Banking" is coming into popularity now,and there are banking institutions that will work with you ...Woodforest Bank is one ...
Check them out @
Anyway,Here are some things you can do ....check out the options on the page below ...!!!
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