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    It is not often easy to find a perfectly unbiased second opinion,and professional ethics teaches us in the crisis intervention field,that it's mandatory in surprisingly more and more cases.
Never take the word of only one source of diagnostic recourse or remedy;    Why ??? Look here and find out !!!
All-natural cures are the least likely to have the side
effects that are attributed to the use of chemical compounds. 
Learning to heal by the use of non-intrusive,organic methods is both enlightening
and totally fulfilling to the body and soul !!!
Methods such as aromatherapy,naturopathy,herbal and natural medicines,acupuncture,and acupressure are amongst the many options for health care and remedial treatments available in these times.Actually the list of alternative therapies grows larger every day... 
One thesaurus definition of the word enlightenment is:
Enlightenment ;
"education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge"
Knowledge Is Power,and in order to empower oneself,it is recommended that one acquire knowledge from legitimate sources.
If you have asked for a cure in your prayers,and you believe that you will find one,
I hope you will find it,here;at C.C.C.I.
Although most modern practitioners of medicine,realize the ultimate requirements of self healing and the prevention of disease;
many still advocate the use of dangerous and untrustworthy drugs that are allowed to be advertised and sold on the open market and/or made available by prescription.
There-fore,I would like to make the distinction here on my site,that I don't advocate the use of drugs for any reason what-so-ever,especially where organic,pure forms of natural medicine are available.( Many links for these may be found here...!!! )
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I do the most that I can do to test & research all links that I publish for remedial or intervention purposes and cannot guarantee results for the individual.
My preferred capacity,as a counseling Minister,is to refer people to sources of education and knowledge,and that is the primary purpose intended by the creation and publishing of this web-site.
(Please Read....If you are presently under the care of a licensed physician or psychiatric care provider,it is recommended that you inform them of your choices of self medication therapy,as it may interfere or have adverse reactions if taken in conjunction with prescribed medicines or treatments that your current or primary care physician(s) order for you..)
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What is Alzheimer's disease ?

How is Alzheimer's disease detected ?

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Known prevention of Alzheimer's disease

Known cures for Alzheimer's disease

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Similarities between black mold toxicity and Alzheimer's disease

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Self help treatment for Alzheimer's disease   (Where Applicable Only)

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2014 listings for Red Cross International emergency medicine supplies in ..
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Live links contributed by C.C.C.I.:
Just Click on the underlined phrase!!! directory of senior services) (Domestic Violence, International Resources)
(American Association of Naturopathic Physicians)

Live links contributed by Rebecca Muller .: :: Cultivating. Connecting. Curating.
EducatorLabs | 2054 Kildaire Farm Rd. #204 | Cary, NC | 27518
Just Click on the underlined phrase!!!
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Medicare Fraud: Avoiding Abuse and Medicare Billing Fraud
National Center on Elder Abuse
Preventing Home Improvement Fraud for Seniors
Nutrition Resource Bank for Seniors
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Help Educate and Support Senior Caregivers
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More Live links contributed by C.C.C.I.
Just Click on the underlined phrase !!! › (Global Business Plaza Directory)

 More Live links contributed by C.C.C.I.
Just Click on the underlined phrase !!!  (U.S.Government Department of Homeland Security) of Defense,U.S.A.) Bureau of Investigation) Neglect or Abuse)
http://www.they are Center for Missing Adults) people go missing abroad,)
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http://weather International 24/7) food supply organizations) Relief Organizations)

Volunteer Links;these are live links to organizations that may provide transportation for volunteers in times of environmental crisis.

If your emergency or crisis requires immediate relief please call 911.(U.S.A.)
(click here)For an index of international 911 codes !!!

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